The Tiara Society Concept

Every girl transforms into a princess when she becomes a member of The Tiara Society.

Let your princess indulge in the royal wardrobe chamber and try on a beautiful gown of her choice selected from the wide variety of princess gowns available.

She can imagine to be any princess she wants and she can choose to wear a different princess gown every time she steps in!

Princess accessories, princess shoes and tiaras…everything to make your princess feel extraordinary


What fun it is to dress up and be a princess alone?

Bring along the friends of your princesses or beware as your princess will easily connect with other new princesses at the clubhouse.

They’re all princesses and that breaks any barrier they may otherwise have.

Watch them build confidence as they indulge in royal chats.


Lots of creative and imaginative play in the royal chambers await the princesses.

These chambers have been thoughtfully designed to allow for a magical time.

From the Outdoor gardens to the tea party chamber to the Baby chamber and Doll chamber….

see your princess glide across handpicked, superior quality, imported toys and props (with a special emphasis on wooden toys).

If your princess prefers, she can involve herself in the princess craft activities or spend some quality time at the reading chamber.


Which parent doesn’t enjoy watching their precious ones experience this fantasy land?

Yes join in the giggles and soak it all in – mummies when you are free and daddies especially on Sunday mornings when other daddies are there.


But  if you are busy and would like to leave your princess behind to run off for a bit…rest assured that they are in good hands. ( as long as your darlings are at least 4 years old).

We believe in a supervised safe environment for our princesses.


Princesses need to be clean and hygienic.

We ensure that every girl wears a leotard beneath the gowns (be it the ones we provide or your personal one).

This ensures hygiene and the girls can be comfortable at all times.

Oh and don’t forget the socks!


Now..shall we take the princess experience a level higher?

Attend our etiquette courses specially designed for The Tiara Academy.

Or throw the best princess party for your precious girl by leaving it in the good hands of The Tiara Celebrations!!!