The Tiara Society Play

The Tiara Chambers cater to ages ranging from 0 to 10. Mostly dedicated to girls but inclusive of boys too.

The Tiara Chambers exhibit the following chambers:

Outdoor Gardens

Outdoor Gardens  presents a true pumpkin princess carriage for the lovely ones to experience.


Wardrobe & Dress up Chamber

Wardrobe & Dress up Chamber  where little girls can dress up as their favorite princess. This chamber presents racks of premium princess gowns, accessories, sandals, and tiaras for little girls to have fun with. There are vanity desks for true princess dress ups and lots of mirrors to assist with presenting themselves.



Performance Chamber

Performance Chamber  there is a little stage with a red carpet for the ultimate showtime. The true princess can attempt a catwalk, perform on stage or simply share a laughter with the other princesses on stage. (To be available soon)


Dollhouse Chamber

Dollhouse Chamber  princesses in their gowns can indulge in imaginative play has castles and everything for royal play.


Baby Play Chamber

Baby Play Chamber  every little girl loves a baby. Princesses get their own feel for baby care including feeding, bathing and rocking their babies to sleep here.


Tea Party Chamber

Tea Party Chamber princesses can enjoy their very own tea with their fellow princesses here. Pretend play here includes cakes, pastries, tea cup sets and everything that a true princess will need to pamper herself with.


Reading Chamber

Reading Chamber every princess needs her timeout and what better way to spend a quiet moment than to read books fit just for royalty


– Labyrinth – (NEW) The elaborate garden structure with hedge finish was recently added to enhance royal play for our little royalties.


Knights Chamber

Knights Chamber a boys corner where medieval castles and toys are featured for our princes.



The royalty can glide through the chambers that have been thoughtfully designed to allow for royal imaginative play.