Health, Hygiene & Cleanliness

At The Tiara Society, we thrive to maintain a high standard of Royal Health, Hygiene and Cleanliness.


Princess Wellbeing

At entry, our friendly Chamber Staff will supply hand sanitizer and note the temperature of your princess to ensure everyone is in good health.

We kindly request that all Princesses and their parents/caregivers be responsible and courteous by not visiting The Tiara Society on days when you and/or an accompanied grown up is unwell.


Princess Hygiene

Both princesses and their parents/caregivers need to wear socks in the chambers at all times. you may bring your own or purchase them from us.

Leotards are also provided for each princess. You may use your own as well or purchase new ones from us.

Our beautiful and intricate Princess gowns are steam ironed daily using non toxin sterilizer. All gowns are also dry cleaned on a regular basis to ensure a high standard of hygiene and care.


Princess Cleanliness

We use non-toxic cleaning products daily to sanitize The Tiara Chambers. This is to ensure that all our Princesses play in a clean and non-allergenic environment.